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Fort Robinson Outbreak
Spiritual Run

The Run was created to pay homage to those Northern Cheyenne ancestors that broke out of Fort Robinson on January 9th, 1989. Most of them were killed at this time, but a few survived and made it to their homeland, the Powder River country in Montana, because of this sacrifice they now have the Northern Cheyenne Reservation

The Run takes a group of 90 Northern Cheyenne Youth from the reservation to Fort Robinson Nebraska to run 400 miles back to their reservation. The dates are January 4th through 9th. They run to commemorate their ancestors, to learn of their history, and to learn what created the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. The journey takes five days. The youth range in age from 7 to young adults. Many of the participants are considered “at risk” youth and come from disadvantaged and troubled homes.

This run teaches many valuable lessons to the youth and to the adults. Through unity and working together it teaches a sense of responsibility to ones self as well as to the group and community. It teaches how to overcome adversities and how to work through problems. The long hours of running teaches the youth they need to uplift one another and encourage one another to make it through. Running in the hard winter, through the Sand-hills of Nebraska, the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, and the Plains and Mountains of Montana gives the youth a strong connection to Mother Earth.

Learning of the sacrifice of their ancestors and experiencing it first hand creates respect for their identity and appreciation for their homeland.

Many of the lessons learned on this run instills in them pride, self esteem, respect for ones self and community, these are lessons that they can apply in their lives.

The management and organization of the Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual Run is done on a grassroots and volunteer basis, and is coordinated by Phillip Whiteman, Jr and Lynette M. Two Bulls from their home in Lame Deer, Montana.

Little Bighorn Memorial Run

The run was organized to bring the Cheyenne, Sioux and Arapaho together again on Little Bighorn Day June 25th to remember and honor the participants of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The run begins at daybreak at the Medicine Deer Rocks, the sight where Sitting Bull held a Sundance before the battle; they are blessed before they depart. The run is approximately 45 miles to Crow Agency Montana and ends at the Indian Memorial at the Battlefield. All ages and individuals from all walks of life are welcome to run.


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